"Welcome to my new AW Birds Shop. Having experience of breeding birds since 1996, I supply only the finest selected products & feeds for cage & aviary birds. These are products I have found to be the best for my birds. Thank you for visiting my shop."
Amanda Dunn.

By purchasing directly through this shop, you will get a 5% reduction on my AW Birds Ebay shop prices!

Major change to Royal Mail Charges 30/03/15
NOTE: I've worked out the best I can on the new postal rates. I will then automatically refund any post and packaging overpayment's once posted.

My website goes off only weight but Royal Mail goes off weight and size so I have to base all packages on a medium parcel. I always refund the P&P costs once posted based on the correct size and weight. You can always message me before ordering if you wanted to know the actual cost.

Postal charges for royal mail are now volumetric, weight based and with staged insurance. As our products vary greatly in volume this causes a major problem in correct charging for Royal Mail parcels.
Large Letters up to 35.3cm x 25cm x 2.5cm – Weight limit of 750g.
Small Parcels up to 45cm x 35cm x 16cm.
Medium Parcels up to 61cm x 46cm x 46cm – Weight limit 20kg.
Larger Parcels which go via Parcelforce – Please contact for details.

Any service without signature is up to £20 insurance and Signed For or International Signed For is up to £50 insurance.
We will charge you for the Medium box size and refund the difference if we can fit it into a smaller size.
In most cases it will now be cheaper to use our courier service at £9.95 to mainland UK.