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15 x Tamper Proof Containers & Lids 330ml - Snap Secure

15 x Tamper Proof Containers & Lids 330ml Snap Secure Plastic Pots / Tubs PP/PE Push-on

Listing is for 15 containers & 15 Lids (so qty 3 would give you 45 tubs and 45 lids)

330ml Snapsecure Jar
330ml PP jar, straight sided, this plastic jar takes a press-on lid which has a tamper evident band.

Used for supplements, powders, over the counter medications, fishing baits etc.

Capacity: 330 ml
Brimful Volume (ml): 341.3
Body Diameter (mm): 62
Neck I.D. (mm): 62
Height without Closure (mm): 113
Weight (g): 29

Specification Product Type SnapSecure Tub
Material PP
Neck 62mm
Capacity 330ml
Colour White
Features and Benefits Easy to fill and label due to flat sides. Press-on HDPE lid with tear-off band give tamper evidency

Specification Product Type Snapsecure lids
Material HDPE
Colour White
Neck 62mm
Features and Benefits Press on lid, easy to apply. Tear off band provides tamper evidency.

330ml Snapsecure Jar (SKU: RSS330)
62mm White Snapsecure Lid (SKU: F62)

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Brand Unbranded
Condition New
Weight 0.99kg