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ANISEED OIL  - HELPS BIRDS CONDITION - PUT ON SEED (Trapping oil - Natural Aniseed Attractant)

Aniseed is very important for stimulating & conditioning birds. This natural concentrated oil is ideal for that extra edge needed for the breeding and showing seasons, as well as prompting the moult. Aniseed is also an excellent trapping stimulant particularly for pigeon youngsters.

Aniseed Oil - 10ml - Amber Glass Jar with Dropper
Aniseed Oil - 50ml - Amber Glass Jar
Aniseed Oil - 100ml - Amber Glass Jar

Low smell

Aniseed Oil is derived from the seed of the anise seedpod. Anise contains anethole, an aromatic compound that contributes a large component of the distinctive flavours of anise which is reported as having antimicrobial properties against bacteria, yeast and fungi. Aniseed Oil is used to help maintain the digestive system. Pigeons/Birds crave for aniseed as it is sweet in taste and smell. Pigeon Health & cage and aviary birds are able to provide natural cereal grass oils from one of the leading specialists in seed oil development. The seeds undergo a cold press expellation of the oil which keeps the nutritional value to an optimum level.

Dosage - Add 1ml per 1kg of feed. DO NOT ADD TO WATER

Note; This product crystallised when cold. Needs to be kept at room temp. If crystallised when delivered (due to cold weather) just sit on or near a radiator to bring up to room temperature.

Since breeding birds for over 9 years I have found this to excellent to bring birds into condition just by adding a few drops onto the seed and mixing in.

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