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Germination Soak Seed - An excellent soak mixture, use freshly germinated seeds in your bird diet for a rich vitamin content.

Ideal for use as part of a rearing diet.

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Preparation: allow to soak for 6 hours at room temperature, refresh the water a number of times; then rinse abundantly with cold running water. After that allow to germinate for 24 to 28 hours at room temperature in a sieve or in germination trays; humidify regularly or cover up the sieve with a wet cloth. The germinated seeds can be served as they are or mixed with Eggfood, as a supplement to the feed. Partially germinated seed has a higher vitamin content than normal and is an ideal food enjoyed by both parent and young canaries during the breeding season. Prepare only as much as is required daily and discard uneaten remains each evening to prevent potential moulds harming the birds.

Soaking; You should first rinse the seeds well using a sieve, then put the rinsed seed in a container with fresh water, (the water level should be 2 or 3 times the height of seed, as they will expand as they absorb the water), and allow to soak overnight. I would strongly advise that a water sanitiser such as aviclens or Vanodine is used while soaking, just a few drops are required to prevent harmful bacteria. Rinse thoroughly the next day then provide to the birds in a dish. Disregard any uneaten soak seed that evening / next morning.

Sprouting; As above but then spread out in a jar or sprouter. Leave them out of direct sun light and ideally at a temperature of 18-21 deg C. (65-70 deg F.) Too high a temperature can lead to the growth of bacteria and moulds. Rinse again at least twice daily along with a water sanitiser until the seeds have germinated, which for many seeds takes just a couple of days. Sprouts have the highest protein and vitamin values when the tip of the root first appears and levels decline as the shoot gets longer. Once sprouted, the seeds can be kept in the refrigerator for a couple of days. But be ure to discard them if they start to smell sour or go mouldy. Always use a water sanitiser such as Aviclens or Vanodine V18.

I find this to be the best germinating seed for all my birds.

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