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AW BIRDS Moist Eggfood / Softfood - 950g

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AW BIRDS Moist Eggfood / Softfood - 950g

AW BIRDS Moist Eggfood can be fed to your birds all year through. This mix consists of a mix of all the best soft foods I have used. Feed in a separate pot and replace when necessary. This eggfood does not need to be mixed with water like traditional eggfoods as it contains oils which ensure that the product stays fresh and crumbly.

If you do not wish to leave eggfood freely available, the feeding instructions below can be followed as a general guideline.

As the breeding season approaches increase the daily amount of eggfood to bring the birds into top condition continue to feed daily until the chicks fledge.
Feeding daily during the moulting period when birds require the extra vitamins and proteins will help to ensure a trouble free passage during this stressful time.
Reduce the intake of eggfood to twice weekly during the resting period.
I have been breeding birds for over 9 years now and I have found this to be the best eggfood mix.
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