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Calcivet is a super saturated liquid calcium/magnesium supplement with vitamin D3 for addition to water or moist foods.
Feather Plucking can be a calcium deficiency (as feathers contain calcium)
Baldness in birds can be a calcium deficiency (as not enough calcium to re-new feathers)
Breeding birds require more calcium during egg laying (as egg shells contain calcium)
Liquid calcium supplement for the prevention and treatment of egg-binding, milk fever, rickets, splayed legs, feather plucking, aggression and other behavioural problems. Calcivet is suitable for calcium deficiency in small animals, cage and aviary birds, pigeons and repliles. Improvement in clutch sizes and egg quality of breeding birds. Add to food or water.
Not only is Calcivet a calcium supplement but also a vitamin D and magnesium supplement! Birds can only absorb calcium with sufficient vitamin D! Normally obtained via natural sunlight.

Because most illness in birds is caused by poor diet, Calcivet plus Daily Essentials3 are likely to help most conditions. Poor feathering and / or slow moults supplements of Calcivet , Daily Essentials3 or Feather-Up is required. For beaks that are poorly formed often fail to wear down properly or liver damage (symptoms include poor feather condition, slow moults and watery droppings). Either way the treatment is the same supplements of Calcivet , Daily Essentials3 or Feather-Up is required. Regardless of the cause treatment will take 9-12 months. Watery droppings (excessive urine as opposed to diarrhoea). This is common symptom of liver or kidney disease, obesity or possibly diabetes. Reduce the workload of the liver by adding Daily Essential3 into the diet. Feather plucking and other self-mutilations. The most common problem is Calcive t deficiency. Calcivet plus Daily Essentials3 is the primary approach though Potent Brew short term (2 - 6 months) seams to relax the birds and improve the situation enormously. Falling off perches, poor co-ordination, poor flying, twirling, star gazing and clenched fists are all symptoms of Calcium deliciency in adult birds. Give Calcivet supplements plus Daily Essential3 . Bacterial infections. The birdcare Company's immune support ingredients are likely to work against most different types of germs - viruses, bacteria, yeast and fungi. So try Calcivet and Guardian Angel for most sick looking birds. For digestive infections use Potent Brew as well. Frequent infections and general illness is a sign of general malnutrition with particular emphasis on vitamin A which is involved in the effective formation of membranes within and surrounding all cells. Poorly formed cell walls are prone to infection. Vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium deficiencies may also be involved. Daily Essentials3 is the standard prevention as they both provide a very broard spectrum of vitamins and trace minerals plus herbal immune and digestive system support. Guardian Angel is the normal first aid support. Passing whole seeds feed Potent Brew and/or worming your bird may solve this problem. Swollen feet are often caused by all the perches being the same size. This prevents the feet from being properly exercised and can cause pressure points that are prone to infection. Natural or sandy perches are the best prevention. Immune support with Calcivet plus Daily Essentials3 and a short term dose of Guardian Angel . Tail bobbing, wheezing, nasal discharge. Respiratory infection are very common and can be difficult to get rid of. Boosting the immune system with Guardian Angel and Calcivet are a starting point. Calcium deficiency and respiratory infections go hand-in hand. Then give extra herbal support from Flourish . Sick birds tend to look hunched and fluff their feathers and often sleep with their head turned over their shoulder. This sympton can be caused by hundreds of different illnesses. Seperate the sick bird and put it in a warm enviroment. The quicker you can give such a bird Guardian Angel the better. This product with provide energy (fluffing feathers is to maintain warmth), help maintain the bird's water balance, providing support for the digestive system and give the immune system a boost. If the bird has completely stopped eating you may need to force feed with Poly-Aid . Rapid aid loss feed Poly-Aid . Directions For Use
To add to softfood or fruit/veg: 1mls for 16-32 Canaries/finches, 8-16 Budgies, 4-8 Cockatiels, 2-4 Greys/Amazons/Pigeons, 1-2 Cockatoos/Macaws. Make sure these quantities are fully consumed and not wasted. Feed once or twice a week to non-breeding birds and five times a week to breeders and plucking birds. DO NOT FEED CALCIVET DAILY
Birds on dry seed diets(not for birds eating lots of moist foods): Mix 10-20mls of Calcivet to one litre of drinking water. Feed once of twice a week to non-breeding birds and five times a week to breeders and plucking birds. DO NOT FEED CALCIVET DAILY.
Calcivet can also be added to hand rearing foods or softfoods. Add at the rate of 0.1mls per 100g of bodyweight.
Compatibility: Calcivet can be used with any 'Essentials' product, Feast, Proboost, SuperMax, Potent Brew or Fussy Feeder Essentials.
Since breeding birds for over 9 years I have found this to be one of the best Calcium supplement on the market!
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