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GARLIC LIQUID - HELPS BIRDS CONDITION - ON SEED - Available in 10ml, 50ml and 100ml


Natural Garlic in Liquid
For Good Health And Top Condition
Garlic is a very important for feather conditioning and oiling. The importance of garlic for pigeons and birds as a natural wormer, conditioner and promoter of down feather loss etc has been known for many years.
Can be used as often as required all year round.

Garlic Liquid

Garlic is a plant that has been known and used for thousand of years for its exceptional curative properties. It stimulates gastric secreation and prevents fermentation and digestive disorders.
Improves the blood circulation and affords protection of the air ways and protection against worms.
Natural Garlic Liquid is a product in a class of its own giving cage and aviary birds as well as pigeons the full benefit of garlic.

Garlic Liquid is composed of pure garlic extracts and refined soya oil rich in linolenic and linoleic acid.

Easy to feed, easy to use, no waste
Contains 100% pure garlic extract
Made with organic garlic
100% natural

As a liquid it is faster and better absorbed into the bloodstream.
Garlic has an odour that keeps citing insects away.
Garlic is packed full of free-radical neutralising antioxidants.
Garlic helps maintain healthy airways and respiration.
Garlic has been known to deter worms.
Garlic contains substances which have natural anti-inflammatory properties.
Add 1ml per 5kg of feed. Do not mix with water.

Available in 10ml, 50ml and 100ml - See drop down menu for availability
10ml - Amber Glass Jar with Dropper
50ml - Amber Glass Jar
100ml - Amber Glass Jar

Since breeding birds for over 9 years I have found this to excellent to bring birds into condition just by adding a few drops onto the seed and mixing in.
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