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Murphy's PRO-SYSTEM Minerals
Essential Minerals For Most Birds

The trace elements enable the birds to maintain an excellent resistance to most diseases and to achieve above average levels of good health, and improve fertility.

250g TUB

PRO-SYSTEM has been designed to provide birds with a balanced diet, comparable with that which originally applied to the wild. The components have been selected and developed to allow the birds' own self regulatory system to operate satisfactorily. Many breeders recognise the need to supply a particular nutrient, but if this is done in such a way that other nutrients are thown out of balance the scheme may be counter-productive and fail to maintain the birds on the best of health.

PRO-SYSTEM Minerals were formulated to achieve the maximum objective of supplement feeding amongst most cage and aviary birds, including racing pigeons.
Fed in conjunction with their regular diet, the supplement provides a natural balance of required trace elements, enabling the birds to maintain an excellent resistance to most diseases and to achieve above average levels of good health, together with good fertility and chick availability.
PRO-SYSTEM is unique in its field, in that it provides the opportunity for a budgerigar to balance its diet within its own in-built instinctive dietary needs with a minimum effort. The system has been developed over a number of yeas, with testing carried out under the normal conditions to be found in a well-run aviary. The trails have shown that the average chick hatch is improved and the substance of chicks as they leave the nest is very noticeable. Chicks are able to progress from the nest self sufficiently with ease. The nutrient products have been designed to use the instinctive, self regulating system which operate in the wild. This gives a sound balance of organic and inorganic nutrients whilst maintaining the fluid intake at the correct level for efficient opperation of the digestion tract. When used as directed, the daily intake of all nutrients that maintain a bird in a healthy condition should be supplied through PRO-SYSTEM

Calcium Sulphate
Calcium Carbonate
Sodium Chloride

Magnesium Manganese
Iron (ii)
Potassium Iodine

This material conforms to the requirements of:
The Materials and Articles in Contact with food Regulations, 1994
The Miscellaneous Additives in Food Regulations, 1995
The Feedingstuffs Regulations, 1998
The Food Chemicals Codex, 4th Edition, 1996

To achieve success in keeping, breeding and exhibiting, a number of important factors must be recognised:
All housing must be clean, dry and free from draughts and have adequate lighting and fresh air. Equipment, cages, flights and general enviroment must be kept hygienic, clean and tidy. The birds must have access at all times to a clean supply of water and a good quality, varied and healthy diet. The gene combination must be sound, which involves careful selection and breeding, together with a regularly up-dated record system.
Trial Notes
The trials were carried out using the following food stuffs:
50% Plain Canary / 25% White Millet / 7.5% Yellow Millet / 7.5% Panicum Millet / 7.5% Japanese Millet / 2.5% Niger Seed.
1. A good quality grit was always available and replenished weekly. (All old material being replaced by new).
2. PRO-SYSTEM mINERAL fed daily in finger drawers.
3. Cuttlefish bone was available but consumption was at low level.

Observations during breeding.
1. 100% of the nests were completely dry and appered almost unused, accepting the fact no dieases was present.
2. The normally large, wet, voluminous excreta from the hen birds was adsent. In consequence, hen birds were not badly swollen and the cage enviroment was improved by the absence of smelly materials. Hen birds also quickly recovered their pre-breeding season condition.

Please note: This mineral supplement under certain weather conditions can become hygroscopic (absorbs water). No harm will come to birds consuming clean, damp material.

Damp matter may be dried out in the oven using a low heat setting .

Murphy's law

As a breeder, maintaining the health and wellbeing of your birds is no doubt a vital part of your daily routine.

Although feeding a healthy, well balanced diet is the best way to keep your birds in peak condition, there are occasions where a little 'something extra' may be required to maintain good health.

In the wild, a bird's own self-regulating immune system ensures that it receives a balance of organic and inorganic nutrients to maintain health, vigour and breeding condition.

However, in captivity birds don’t have access to the same materials and so maintaining the correct level of nutrients is slightly harder and, while many breeders acknowledge the need for nutritional supplements, they do run the risk of other nutrients being “thrown out of balance”. This just ends up wasting time and money as well as having the potential to make the birds sick.

Murphy's Pro System mineral supplement solves this problem by introducing a carefully formulated source of vitamins and minerals especially prepared for budgerigars.

Developed and tested during many years with real birds in real conditions, birds reared on Murphy's Pro System are significantly less prone to disease. The number of chicks that hatch and leave the nest box and reach self sufficiency is greatly improved.

Murphy's Pro System has been proven time and again to help budgerigars reach their full potential and it can easily do the same for your birds too.

For caged birds this powder supplement is best given by strategically placing it in finger drawers allowing for easy access.

And for birds in free flight the supplement should be placed in dishes protected from the weather. Any fouled material should be thrown out and the drawers or dishes cleaned and sterilized before use.

I use this product for all my birds in finger drawers all year round.
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