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RED WIMO MOIST EGGFOOD - WITTE MOLEN - COLOUR FOOD - Available in 950g and 1.9kg

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RED WIMO MOIST EGGFOOD - WITTE MOLEN - ALL BIRDS - Available in 950g and 1.9kg

witte molen eggfoods - complete rearing foods for seed eaters and softbills & complementary fortifying softfood with vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids.

Witte Molen Eggfoods is a complementary food enjoyed by all seed eating birds. This food contains the correct amount of vitamins, minerals and essential amino and fatty acids to keep your birds in good health.

This product contains a special mix of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C and prebiotics. This nutritional composition guarantees balanced intestinal bacteria and promotes the natural resistance.

Witte Molen Eggfood is composed of light digestible egg products, bakery products, and various seeds. This food is made from the highest quality products to ensure that your birds are maintained at their optimal standard.

A complete moist eggfood to which nothing has to be added!

Ready and easy to use!

Just give to your birds in a separate small dish

This product can be given during the moulting season

A complementary moist eggfood for Coloured Canaries such as Red Factors

This product is used each day, just prior to and during the moult (generally somewhere between July - August). Can also be fed to young canaries from about 2 weeks old. If colour food is overdosed there will be too much to absorbe and will just pass through the bird.

Available in 950g and 1.9kg bags - See drop down menu for availability.

I have been breeding birds for about 9 years now and I have found this to be one of the best and easy to use colour foods on the market for my coloured canaries.
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