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SAFFLOWER SEED - SMALL - Available in 950g and 2.5kg bags


Very similar in appearance to Sunflowers this seed offers a high oil content and is very popular with Greenfinches. Best fed from a tube-type seed feeder.

Safflower is a firm favourite with most parrots and parakeets. Safflower seeds are a good source of Iron and Vitamin B6. Safflower is one of the worlds oldest cultivated crops, grown on a small scale mainly for its stunning flowers which were used as a dye.

This seed is high in oil.
A very oily seed it contains high fat levels and lots of Calories. By increasing the levels of Safflower Seed fed during the winter months better enables smaller birds to weather the cold.

Safflower makes a great ingredient for your custom seed mix, its high oil content is great for conditioning your birds.

I add Safflower to my Parakeet seed mix.

Available in 950g and 2.5kg bags - See drop down menu for availability.

The 2.5kg bag is only available to the UK and Northern Ireland!
Condition New
Weight 2.6kg